Bankfern and The Picnic

Written by faithblacquiere

Topics: Stories

Once upon a time
There were two small communities with huge farmer’s fields between them
The people had built their communities to meet their daily needs
They had soccer fields, arenas, grocery stores, libraries, schools,
recreational facilities
And everything else they needed for their daily living amenities
And the communities grew and soon people were saying how big they were
And how crowded their daily living amenities were becoming 

And also, long ago, developers bought the farmers’ fields
They tried for years to get approvals to build
And the two communities said no
We like the buffer between us
We love our small communities
We love to be able to go for a ride in the country-side
within a few minutes from our homes 


The small communities (no longer so small) amalgamated with a Big City
Surprisingly, the Big City Council said “no – those fields must stay”
But OMB agreed with those developers and said
“You’ve got to grow – those fields must go” 

And so, the Big City told the developers
“Those fields are large – if you’re going to build there you need a PLAN
Putting 30,000 people on those fields will surely take some planning” 

And so, they did their Big Plan
Which said they would develop in phases
But with no plan as to who would go first
And no plan to build their daily living amenities
And they called it Bankfern 


 The developers did their own detailed plans and said
“There are no schools planned for my property
But in the meantime
I’ll use those in the two communities
There are no grocery stores, recreational facilities, and other
daily living amenities planned for my property
Some are planned for a later part of the development
but in the meantime
I’ll use those in the two communities” 

They didn’t plan for their own daily living amenities
What they would need
How they would be put in place “just in time”

They didn’t study whether the daily living amenities
in the two communities could service their people
They just assumed they could take whatever they wanted
Use whatever they wanted
Do whatever they wanted 

Now the people in the two communities said
“This is like having a picnic where everyone who was here
planned what to bring
But then a whole group of people came and saw our food and gobbled it up
Took over our space
And then wondered why we didn’t like them

And the people in the two communities said

The End

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